Stop Concealing Your Career Potential

Join a New Bedford, MA school of cosmetology to become a certified style expert

Hair in Motion Cosmetology Academy can guide you toward a successful and satisfying career in the beauty industry. We offer extensive coursework and training in:

The field of cosmetology is the professional practice of beautifying the face, hair and skin. Training includes hair cutting and styling, coloring and permanent waving.
Monday-Friday 8am-2pm 1000 hours $16,950 tuition - includes kit and books

•Manicuring/Nail Technician
Manicure artists focus on beauty treatments for the fingernails and hands. Academy training includes natural and artificial nail manicures, pedicures, gel, nail art, and paraffin treatments
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8am-12pm 100 hours $3,400 tuition - includes kit and books
Consider a career in one of these exciting fields today! Get trained up at the Hair in Motion Cosmetology Academy. Click or call to learn more about applying.